My road to Cannabis healing…

It all started in my attempt to help find a way to help my son- who is autistic. I started searching on the internet in forums and groups for parents with children with autism. In the spring of 2012 I started to hear about families who had been using cannabis to help with their children’s’ behavioral issues and learning problems. I started researching more and more- and realized that many of these children were seeing marked improvement with treatment with cannabidiol- one of the more than 100 cannabinoids to be found in the plant.

But where to find oil? Back 4 years ago, as Josh Stanley of the Stanley Brothers (Charlotte’s Web) was quoted as saying:

There wasn’t enough cannabidiol on the face of the planet to cover the demand.

And where to buy? I couldn’t trust, it seemed, the products sold over the internet and there was no oil available to me in my home country of Portugal- just through the black market and that was not to be trusted to use on my son.

What to do? I started looking for a cultivar of one of the higher CBD strains that were being developed at the time…and I finally was able to get my hands on one. I started having growers I trust growing plants for me while supervising to make sure that it was of the highest quality and began to learn how to produce the oil myself. During this time I also faced a personal story with stage 2 bladder cancer- how fortunate that I had already found the cure. I started making FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil) and managed to combat my own ailment and today am happy to say I am cancer free.

Through different Facebook groups and patient’s forums- it became known to some other parents that I was making oil and using it on my son- with encouraging success. As they were also in the difficult position of not being able to find a trustworthy source for oil for their children who suffered from epilepsy and other difficult to treat neurological conditions. I started to give oil to some families – covering only the cost of production. These families started to spread the news and soon more families needed oil. This all started to grow and grow until suddenly a support network of patients and caregivers was starting to develop all across Europe- patients of all ages and needs. At this point I quit my job and spent my time devoting myself to making oil for the patients full time. Since then- the network has expanded and grown to other countries abroad as more and more people are learning about the therapeutic benefits of this plant. Today, I employ others to help keep up with the demand and am investing constantly in new equipment to help keep up to the necessarily rigid standards that are required by the patients in their oil. All oils are sent for analysis to a third party independent lab and are available to clients on request.

Laws and attitudes towards cannabis are changing rapidly today- countries all over the world are quickly changing their legal policies in regards to the medical use of the plant and its products. We are at the brink of a health revolution- and we are trying hard to stand beside our patients and make sure that no one misses out on a cost-effective and natural remedy for the myriad of conditions that cannabis is proving to have a therapeutic influence on. You can find links on the site to research and a list of conditions that cannabis is beneficial for.

Please feel free to contact us at any time for further information.

~Jorge Rocha